Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Make good on the getting while the getting is good to be got

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Slightly more up to date. Less bumps, same consequences.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another space on the internet with Misha collins refs and giant naked fleshy men. (trend hos ho!)

With summer just about on the verge of it's bow to fall but still too soon for a deathknell leaves the average self-important jackass writing about the time with only the opportunity for slight reflection but immediate prediction-ish.

So somehow out of the blue we got a table for otakon 2013 Last minute and somehow we got our gusto together enough to make a fairly decent showing of art. Check it out:

Then there was a bit of the ol highfive city marathon followed by driving home followed by
the gishwhes 2013 (William Shatner's favorite cult) that dragged us along for some last minute breakneck social awkward fun. The highlights:

So now with said new seasons looming and new jobs impending
we got some more stuff on the way but no use announcing anything
until it's sea-worthy let alone ready for launch.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

happy albeit jaded camperings.

Afternoon, and as all the letters strung together in a desperate attempt to keep your interest in this little blog go this one has a few of those in news form. First big sloppy thanks to everyone who came out to show support and have a beer or four with us this weekend at the Burren for Artbeat. Serious it made our time spent worth it. Even if it wasn't a success selling wise hey we might be back for the halloween show. But that's a tentative threat to be decided upon later.

Next up at the etsy store is the Crow's Nest book. 28 pages of original art and prose slapped together in a ham fist sandwich of imagery worderyness. Also there are some leftovers from Slam this weekend such as 5 separate original pieces of Dan's koi design artwork. Each piece of 8"x10" vellum bristol is it's own spray paint version of this design, interested?

Now for the sad news. In an all too wait what type of call our entry for the deadpool contest at welovefine was canned. "was not the direction the licensors wanted to go with the character"

Well there's our image again, so I guess I don't know deadpool as much as I thought I did. Or some company that owns Marvel might be watering down your favorite deathdealing merc with a mouth into a kid friendly marketing territory. You have been warned. Uh oh. 
 Last as the summer drags on here's some top notch art from Sarah that carries that idea.

More arting later.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Low budget Orbiting Cats and avoiding the obvious Slampigs reference.

Before you search engine anything off this blog in that friday afternoon haze of "is it the weekend yet?" enjoy some art, news good and ill and wisdom from us your friendly visual conjurors and practitioners of the dark farts.

It's that kind of week. So yes Once again please hit up the Art Beat tomorrow in Davis sq particularly the bar known as the Burren for our humble little table weighed down with artistic goodies. If nothing else it's a bar so rage on. Here's some last minute samplers of some patchery and stampery beany is up to.

Final product will be turquoise on neon pink canvas patch so if there ever was something your thrash jacket was missing well I'd say this is probably at the top of the list. To continue her theme of felines with space program capabilities here are some doodles. Also doodles from Dan, free art if you can name the artwork he was riffing on.

See you in Cambridge, or not because whatever doesn't sell will be in the store monday! Oh well.

Monday, July 15, 2013



Howdy y'all.
Next weekend in Somerville, in the fine watering hole known as The Burren, we will be slinging
art from 12 - 4 pm. Come on down and buy something. We will have a lot of non-fanart art. Just
in case you wondering what other manifestations roll forth from our basement dwelling.
Otherwise a ton of t-shirts, maybe a new one and variants including possibly tote bags.
Expect more last minute art and art bloggery to pop up before Saturday.

Coming up in a few weeks we have one version of our deadpool pic going gladiator
in an art destruction derby over at at WeLoveFine. Here is the latest version we submitted.
July 20th or so the contest should be going up so give us a vote. Please.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Some news and Lewd views.(No.18+ with a side of biscuits)

We keep it classy, to the point and yes that is a butt.

Busy at work because July 20th in Somerville we will be selling at Art Beat via the Burren this year.
Ho dang. Look for a lot of new original art and crafts. Next we will be embarking on more
collaboration projects with Elle Darling's new novel she'll be self publishing and
then it's onto a project with James Force of Subpar Costar fame.
More updates on all this nonsense will be available as it gets closer otherwise here's some subtlety for your summer days:

Damn straight. Now buy something